About us.

In the dynamic landscape of business growth, securing consistent cash flow stands as a cornerstone of success. At Bridgeport Capital, we specialize in empowering companies of varying sizes by offering unparalleled accounts receivable factoring solutions. Our commitment lies in supporting small to medium-sized enterprises, like yours, with the essential liquidity required to expand precisely when it’s most critical.

Our expertise and dedication are designed to cater to diverse industries, ensuring that irrespective of whether you operate a staffing agency, a transportation firm, an IT consultancy, a wholesaler, a manufacturing unit, or manage imports, our tailored programs align seamlessly with your unique operational framework.

What sets us apart is our comprehensive approach to addressing your credit needs. We possess the expertise and flexibility to accommodate a spectrum of requirements. Expect us to not only meet your immediate financial demands but also to provide astute guidance and strategic counsel. We pride ourselves on delivering timely responses coupled with a high level of professionalism, empowering you to make informed decisions at pivotal moments.

Partner with us at Bridgeport Capital to not just bridge the cash flow gaps but to unlock the potential for sustainable growth. Your success story is our priority, and we’re here to ensure that your financial needs are not just met but surpassed with unwavering support and expertise.


Your TRUSTED Partner

At Bridgeport Capital, we aspire to become your trusted factoring partner, a commitment bolstered by our team of dedicated account executives primed to assist you whenever you need. Whether it’s facilitating swift access to funds for payroll or amplifying your business expansion, our account executives are poised to not only provide immediate cash but also vigilantly oversee your accounts receivable, ensuring their smooth and continuous flow.

Your experienced and devoted account executive’s from Bridgeport Capital are always there to help swiftly and efficiently address your working capital, credit, and collection requirements. Expect a responsive and proactive approach, ensuring that your financial needs are met promptly and effectively, empowering your business to thrive.

Our Team.

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