In the manufacturing industry, reliable cash flow is paramount for ensuring smooth operations. From meeting payroll obligations to purchasing materials and adhering to tight production timelines, having access to timely funding is crucial.

Since 1999 our team of experts has worked with small and large manufacturing companies to assist not only with their growth potential but solidifying their relations with their suppliers.

Our team of experts understands the unique needs of both small and large manufacturing companies. We work closely with our clients to provide flexible financing solutions that support their growth potential and ensure stability in their relationships with suppliers. Whether it’s bridging short-term cash flow gaps or securing long-term financing for expansion projects, we are committed to helping manufacturing businesses thrive in today’s competitive market. With Bridgeport Capital by your side, you can focus on driving innovation and delivering quality products, knowing that your financial needs are in capable hands.

Why Bridgeport Capital for Manufacturing Factoring?

Industry Expertise: We understand the unique challenges of manufacturing and tailor our solutions to your needs. Personalized Service: Dedicated support helps you maximize the benefits of factoring for your operations. Flexible Terms: Our factoring programs are designed to adapt as your business grows.

The Benefits of Manufacturing Factoring

Immediate Cash Flow

Don’t wait 60-90 days for customer payments. Receive up to 90% of your invoice value within 24 hours.

No Debt, No Restrictions

Factoring converts your receivables into cash – it’s not a loan. Use the funds freely for payroll, supplies, equipment upgrades, or expansion.

Scalable Growth

Your factoring credit line grows in tandem with your sales, unlocking limitless funding potential.

Easy and Convenient

Submit your invoices digitally and receive funds directly into your account.

What is Manufacturing Factoring?

We tailor a financing solution to match your unique business needs. Whether its accounts receivable financing or asset-based lending, we have a solution to your cash flow needs.

Manufacturing factoring is a financial tool that allows you to sell your outstanding invoices to a factoring company in exchange for an immediate cash advance. This bridges the gap between completing work and receiving payment, providing the working capital you need to thrive.

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Ready to Supercharge Your Manufacturing Business?

Is your manufacturing business ready to take its growth to the next level? Bridgeport Capital is here to help you supercharge your success! By leveraging factoring, we can revolutionize your cash flow and propel your business forward. Our tailored factoring solutions provide immediate funding by converting your outstanding invoices into working capital, ensuring you have the liquidity needed to meet payroll, purchase materials, and maintain production timelines. Don’t let cash flow constraints hold your business back. Let’s start the conversation today and unlock the potential of your manufacturing business with Bridgeport Capital!